@Europe - day 31 (08.07.18)

My very last day in Europe - @Paris, France.

Stayed in Berlin for a few days, met very nice people there and had wonderful meetings - sharing, exchange, understanding, discussion. I love the sidewalk cafes there, and the pace of the city. In some way, it seems like the 'layback' type as in California (though without the sunshine as in California). Yet, ON TOP, I could feel the "internal" energy from people working in Berlin, the ideas - the space - the room to think & explore - the environment. All making the city with a mix of silent calmness + vibrant dynamics.

Actually, I have been to Berlin for a very very short stay in 2005. In three years' time, I found there are a lot of "changes" going on there in Berlin. "Changes" in the way of "globalization" - turning the city more "world-like".

Interesting as well was the weather! I was there in the middle of SUMMER - July, but the weather was like in Autumn/Winter as it was in March/ April. Plus, it was raining... ><"

Leaving Berlin, I took the night train to Paris. My beloved Paris. I could not really figure out the reason why I like this place so much - that I don't mind going there again and again... and still I chose this place as my "last destination" for my Europe trip - the second time indeed.

I arrived at Gare du Nord (the North Train Terminal in Paris) in the early morning. First thing I did - had a coffee at sidewalk cafe and back to my writing [which I kind of stopped since I left Poland because of the meetings I had in Berlin]. Then I re-visited Pompidu Centre, Montmartre & Sacre-Coeur. Finally got the chance to go to the cementary in Montmartre. Yes, cementary. There resting in peace quite some renowned people who have influences on people's mind throughout centuries... TRIBUTE TO ALL.

On my second day of stay in Paris, which meant also my last day in Europe for this trip. I didn't go around here and there - no more interest & energy for doing that. So, I just headed direct to Champs-Elysees to complete my last two 'missions' - bought the CDs at the Virgin Megastore there for my friend, AND got my lovely macarons from my favorite store LADUREE. I just couldn't resist the tempatation from those tiny colorful sweet biscuits at all.

At the time of writing this, I am already back in HONG KONG - where I come from.

Leaving HONG KONG for such a trip seemed like a beginning of a journey.
Yet, it seemed also like an end of my life journey so far so forth...

And the end of my Europe journey, probably symbolized another beginning of my life journey.

[to be continued]

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