Something between

There were times I felt sad and miserable. It could be about work, about study, about family, about relationship, about.. whatever it could be actually.

I did think that rational thinking and sentimental thought are 'anti-' ones. They just couldn't really live in harmony every moment ever in life. At the miserable moment, it was as if my rational thinking and the sentimental end were completely disconnected, or they were fighting with each other.

That's how 'emotions' come in, I bet.

Somehow, it's interesting to understand more deeply what 'emotions' mean to us (or actually just oneself). With such understanding, we learnt who we are, and what matters to our lives. Few days ago, my friends and I were kind of leaving facebook messages to one another about 'emotional quotient' and 'control over emotions'.

In fact, I believe neither we control emotions nor emotions control us. We just co-exist together. We are ONE, ever and after when we're still alive here on the Earth. How we live together actually is more important than how we control each other. Some people might call that 'balance', some might call that 'harmony' (as what I suggested above), and perhaps some would call it 'calmness'.

It is not easy to live everyday with such harmony, simply because we could be so easily affected by the environment - people around, work, living, etc. - that's why! Then, when people are disturbed, they would want to seek the 'harmony' again. They would want to go away to somewhere and just explore, hoping to 'rebuild' themselves or to find their 'identity' again. Either they believe they want some 'trigger' or simply 'getaway' for some free-mind moments.

Well - probably it helps. It helped me before. True. However, it turned out I realized the most important is not where we've been to and who we've met, bringing some changes to our lives. How we perceive all things around is in fact the key!

Perception is almost everything!

Because of perception, we might discriminate against somebody or something.
Because of perception, we might have missed some wonderful opportunities.
Because of perception, we might let our beloved down or let our own selves down.
Because of perception, we might have perceived something not the fact or the truth (if there is ever 'truth').

So, what made up 'perception'? Well - honestly, I don't know if there is any scientific research about this, or if there is any discussion from the philosophical point of view.

My view (yea - MY view, it's another perception again, probably) is, perception comes from many things combined - our family background, our experience, how we grow up, where we grow up, our peer group, our colleagues, what we heard of, what we were taught... All everything brought 'perception'.

Eventually, we seem to be back to the loop again - so almost everything is about perception, and perception seems to be from all those mixed, then it was indeed our rational thinking & sentimental end which act like 'sensor' to that mix... Isn't that a loop?

Perhaps, it is. We live, and we are in the loop - that's life I believe.

Yet, to live in it (or out of it), we would sooner or later know who we are, what we want, and how we want to live our lives - we then build up our reserves for rational thinking and sentimental end (just like the savings account and current account in the banking industry!?). We know what we have in there, and how much we have - so once we get those 'ingredients' for the mix - we know where to put them, and whether put them as 'active' or 'archived'. Structured and clear - that makes the perception which would lead us to our own opinion and understanding how the 'harmony' works in ourselves.

I do think everyone is a unique individual - and they have their own ways to figure out the 'harmonious way of living'. Mine doesn't necessarily work for others. With such 'harmony' - we just don't have the issue about 'control over emotions'.

'Emotion' just doesn't exist! We live happily no matter it's good times or bad times.

My dear friends - I wish you always happiness!

P.S. After all, I think there is the chemistry between rational thinking and sentimental end. There is always something between - I just couldn't explain. Yet, probably it doesn't matter - as long as it works to have that 'harmony'.

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