Another World - Part II.

In the photos taken by my friend, I saw another world there. The distance between that world and myself is 'real', which could be measured by 'mileage' as in those frequent flyer programs. Some of the people living in that world may only know there is the home where they stay, relatives and friends whom they know. Perhaps they never realize there is another world out there existing somewhere. Yet, when they meet some people from the outside world, they may not be that far away from the 'strangers' in heart. Although they may not be able to communicate with the 'strangers' because of the language barrier, a smile or just simply a nod could tell there is 'zero distance' between these people.

In fact, all the travelling experience in recent years have made me realize the treasurable 'zero distance'. It has also triggered myself to question how come in Hong Kong, I found there is quite a distance between myself and some people around. It's like we are from different world. So, is it because we never communicate? Or it is because we have never opened up ourselves, and let us step out from "ME" which is the centre of 'my world'?

Some years ago, I was there in Italy. It was the time when I felt that 'zero distance'.

The four little kids were with their parents, travelling from the city where they live to Florence for weekend holiday.
I still remembered their mom was sitting next to me. When she saw me, she started talking in Italian. All I could do was showing her a facial expression that I don't understand. Then she spoke to me in her 'limited' English vocabularies, asking me where I was going.
I just responded with one word 'Bologna', the name of the city where I was heading to.
Then she said an Italian word, which I believed she wanted to ask me if I was studying university in Bologna.
My feedback was in Italian, 'No, tourist'.

The train then left the station and moved again.
The lady then took out from the bag some cups, a carton of juice and some packs of biscuits for the kids.
Then all a sudden, she brought me a cup and poured some juice for me. She even gave me a pack of the biscuit!
As courtesy, I took the cup of juice and biscuit. SMILE [THANK YOU].

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