A meaningful trip

'Days without sleep' are gone. Following that were the 'days being away'. This time, I was away for 7 days. For fulfilling the promise that I made to myself after I returned from Europe some time ago - I said I got to know more about Chinese history & culture - so I chose China as my destination this time.

I never thought that I knew about China. I still remembered my Chinese History classes in secondary school years. I was daydreaming at almost every classes. I felt like I could never make it clear what policies were introduced at which dynasty, and then in which year, those policies were being overthrown. Plus, i always mixed up those kings and their administration.

Then came today, all a sudden, I felt more interested in Chinese history. And I made the effort to walk into that, and visited the 'central land' of China. So, that's why I chose Henan Province as my destination, which is located in the middle of mainland China. Through this trip, I wanted to under more about the distant history of China, and feel the air on this piece of land.

Interesting enough, I made my trip like when I was in Europe. I didn't plan the itinerary, and just followed the voice from heart during the whole trip. (Note: I did some information search before my departure, and I thought of two cities where I wanted to go - that's Kaifung & Luoyang. However, right before I left, I couldn't find the tiny paper which I wrote - with all those historical places where I wanna go. So that's why my trip ended up as 'trip following the voice from heart')

Finally, everything was even better than expected. I felt very much contented. It was a meaningful trip.

[To be continued]

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